E-Office is a cloud based attendance management software solution built on MySql and simple core Php. This is a best online Attendance Management System for synchronizing and coordinating hectic and messy office works. This automated Human Resource (HR) software is designed for small, medium and large organization. This is powerful Attendance Tracking application software that has several out of the box features for maintaining regular attendance report of the employees assign task, leaves, projects.

Core Features of E-Office, the Attendance time Tracking Solution:

  • User Management
  • Role Management;
  • Daily attendance mark-in/mark-out
  • Custom attendance mark-in/mark-out features in case of system or network error
  • Profile Management
  • Leave Management
  • Work status and Report  Management
  • Employee/User evaluation and project Management
  • Daily Feeds and thoughts, appreciations and upcoming event

    Value Benefits from E-Office

    • Save time and effort
    • Real Time Monitoring of Attendance.
    • Reduce paper usage.
    • Increase employee satisfaction
    • Save company cost. Give rise to productivity.
    • Employee Life Cycle Management
    • Easy Salary Structure Management
    • Easy Report Generation.Industries we serve
      • IT
      • Education
      • Hospitality
      • Health care
      • Legal
      • Manufacturing
      • Bank
      • Government

      Main Modules

      • Admin module

      The Admin has the overall control of the system. The main functionalities are as listed below.

      • User Management
      1. User list
      2. Add User
      3. Search User
      • Profile Management
      • Role Management
      • Attendance Management
      • Leave Management
      1. Apply Leave Info
      2. All Leave Request
      3. View All Leave Status
      • Report Management
      1. All attendance Report
      2. All Work Report
      3. Overall Work Report
      • Project Management
      1. Add Project
      2. List Project
      3. Add Project task
      4. Project Assignment
      5. Productivity Target
      • Accounts Management
      • Manager module
      • Attendance Management
      1. Daily Attendance
      2. Custom Attendance
      • Leave Management
      1. Apply leave
      2. Leave status
      3. Leave summary
      4. Holiday
      • Report Management
      1. My Attendance
      2. My Work Report
      3. All attendance Report
      4. All Work Report
      5. Overall work Report
      • Project Management
      1. My Project
      2. Add Project
      3. Add Project task
      4. Project Assignment
      5. Productivity target
      • Employee module
      • Attendance Management
      1. Mark Daily Attendance
      2. Mark  Custom Attendance
      • Work Management
      1. View  Work Status
      2. Add Temporary Work Status
      • Leave Management
      1. Apply Leave
      2. View Leave Status
      3. View Leave Summary
      • Report Management
      1. View Attendance report
      2. View Work Reports
      •   Project Management
      1. View Project


      Demo url:http://eoffice.techware.in/


      Username: admin

      Password: admin


      Username: manager

      Password: manager


      Username: employee1


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Office Attendence Management Software Solution
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